Flash drives with caps

Flash drives – thanks for the memory

Once upon a time, way back when I first started subbing news stories, the incoming press releases arrived every day in the mail. There were piles of them: reams of A4 paper all carefully typed out and presented, although sadly the quality of the content often failed to match the quantity. So much so that […]

World Cup 2006

Off the wall: World Cup charts

Over the course of four decades, the FIFA World Cup has gone from this: To this: That’s the difference between the 1970 tournament in Mexico and the 2010 tournament in South Africa as demonstrated by the evolution of the results chart. What started out as a single page to record the results of the four […]

String: the great unravelling

A stretch of coastline, a huge storm and eight pieces of string. Out for a walk on the beach after a particularly high tide and some rough seas, I found these colourful cut-off castaways caught amongst the driftwood and detritus. String is string, I suppose, but I was struck by the different states of unravelment […]