A Melancholy Place

A Melancholy Place

This is a melancholy place. You may not know it nor feel it but there is a wry sadness here that lingers like mist in the valley. Some places are like that. There is nothing tangible, nothing that you can put your finger on. It is like entering a cool room or stepping into a […]

The fish

Death of a Fish

The fish died last night, which is rather ironic given that he had survived three weeks without us, all alone in his bowl in the gloom with no-one to disturb his silent vigil.

The way out of the garden

Intimations of Mortality in a Garden

It’s always exciting to come back from a long trip and discover that the garden has gone slightly feral and, in our absence, has continued to grow more wildly and extravagantly than if we were here tending to it.