…recently laid to rest

Rolling Stones ticket

Days of wine and Stones

If this was a proper rock n roll story, it would have turned out to be the night of my life, the band playing a dazzling set that reached ever-higher pinnacles of exhilaration and brilliance. But it wasn’t.

A Melancholy Place

A Melancholy Place

You may not know it nor feel it but there is a wry sadness here that lingers like mist in the valley.

Hazel O'Connor ticket

Eighth Day through the Fourth Wall

This is one of those random events that leave a smear of residue, a small fluff ball of memory that clings to the fabric of life when so much else is washed away.

The Belgian Elephant

The Belgian Elephant

For anybody who sweltered through it, the summer of 1976 in the UK will always be remembered as one of the hottest and driest.

The Tickets

Each ticket is an entry to the past.
Admission is free.


The Unknown Boys

A found photograph. A lost group of boys.


The Elephants

I don't collect elephants.
They just seem to gather around me.


Family ties

Family stories, lost and found.


More remains...

The leftovers from elsewhere

Dead Real

The start of a long journey

Dead Things

Documenting death and decay in the neighbourhood

Dead Paper

Everything which would ordinarily go into the waste paper basket after use