Homemade elephant

The Homemade Elephant

In many ways, this is the archetypal, the original elephant. Not because of its age or the length of time that I’ve had it but because of its provenance. I know all about where this elephant comes from because I made it. It must have been about Year 7 or 8 woodwork. I can’t recall […]

White elephant

The White Elephant

The whole rationale of the white elephant is that it should be utterly useless. Venerated, perhaps, but in practical terms a burdensome extravagance designed to ruin the recipient. The modern usage of the term has lost that sense of veneration. It is no longer a sacred cow, so to speak, but merely a waste of […]

The Belgian Elephant

The Belgian Elephant

For anybody who sweltered through it, the summer of 1976 in the UK will always be remembered as one of the hottest and driest. Some say it was also a time when the English were happiest although that probably says more about the years that followed. It was a summer in which parks and gardens […]