Hazel O'Connor ticket

Hazel O’Connor – January 1981

This is one of those random events that leave a smear of residue, a small fluff ball of memory that clings to the fabric of life when so much else is washed away. And for no apparent reason; no extreme of emotion or passion, no brain-expanding epiphany or stomach-churning realisation. There is no explanation as […]

Volksoper ticket

Volksoper, Vienna – November 1980

The blue motorcycle jacket stands out amidst the genteel splendour of the opera house, an ugly intrusion, like a gaudy weed in a bed of delicate perennials. It’s not just the colour of the jacket which makes it so noticeable but also its condition, grubby and frayed, worn at the cuffs and neck from prolonged […]

UB40 ticket

Peter Gabriel, UB40 and Genesis – Feb-April 1980

Decline and renewal are the basic motors of the pop music scene. Always have been, always will. Bands come and go, change direction, reinvent themselves for better or worse. Stasis is the enemy because to stand still means, inevitably, to become increasingly irrelevant. Not all change is good though. Sometimes a band can appear at […]

Supertramp ticket

Steve Hackett and Supertramp – October 1979

It begins in October 1979 when, over two consecutive nights, I went to a concert by ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett in Bradford and then, the following evening, saw Supertramp playing at Wembley Arena in London. It seems remarkable to me now that I went to two such concerts so far apart geographically on consecutive weekday […]