Days before Christmas

I go inside and find Zoe’s father sitting by the window, staring at the sky. He does a little jump when I come in, as if I caught him by surprise, like he wasn’t expecting to see me there, standing in his lounge/dining room in the middle of the afternoon just a few days before […]

Driving Off

Me and Kurt like to drive. Not that we’ve got anywhere to go. We just like to drive. It’s something to do. One day we’re sitting at a T-junction, waiting for a break in the traffic. A car pulls up in front of us, getting ready to turn into our street. It’s a manoeuvre that […]

The Inspection

The estate agent is waiting for us at the house. She is excited. It’s a real cutie, she says, a deceased estate so sure to sell cheaply. This is a nice suburb. The estate agent turns the key in the lock and opens the door. We go in and stand in the hallway. We see […]

Chain Reactions

…the boy moves through the cafe I’m sitting in the window sliding between tables watching a big sheet of bubble wrap the waitress is preparing being blown down the middle and scoops up the purse of the street and there are people outside a latte and a short black on the pavement while the mother […]


Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard this Deluxe Express service. In a few moments we will be departing this feeble space, a dreary pavement with its splatters of vomit and flattened fag ends, where a man with creamy eyes and fresh crimson gashes across his face is shouting and waving at the crowd […]

The Call

‘It’s your mother,’ says Zoe, handing me the phone. I don’t mind taking the call even though there’s something good on telly that I want to watch. I reckon I can still watch it without the sound, so that’s OK. We do the usual stuff and I try to give it a bit of a […]


OK, it begins at three o’clock in the morning and I’m standing in the rain with the thunder and lightning very Lear-like and the wind in the Desert Oaks going whoo whoo like some crappy sound effect. I’m wearing my underpants and a tiny yellow plastic hat that makes me look like a camp whaler. […]

Bad Day

The woman behind the counter is having a bad day. I know that because, at one point, her assistant leans towards me and whispers, ‘It’s OK. She’s just having a bad day.’ ‘That’s OK,’ I say, and give her a little nod to show that I understand. I wait a while longer and then the […]