Shit happens

There are days when life seems to be full of so much shit. Leo is walking through the park when a big dog does a shit, simply drops shit on the grass plop plop like small sandbags falling off the end of a conveyor belt. The dog holds its gymnast’s pose, haunches quivering, eyes fixed […]

Visiting Writers (Varuna, Spring 1992)

Kneeling now, fingers spread close to The flames (a privileged position), I raise the spectre of the TRG, An unknown force in this world Of make-believers without acrimony Or intrusive acronyms. Unwelcome guests, like waking dreams, Come knocking at your door where a Magic combination of numbers, Not words, must guard the Still silent rows […]

For Nola

While squeezing the juice of half a lemon into the stir fry, I hear a man on the radio say, ‘Australia’s overseas aid budget has been squeezed by a series of recent natural disasters.’ This poem was inspired by artist Nola Farman’s limited edition book of ‘micro’ poems

A Light Rail

What this city needs is a fully-integrated-public- transport-network- policy. you know i don’t mind it at all but it goes nowhere (and it’s expensive) it goes to the casino that’d be right and the fish market don’t forget the fish market it’s for tourists isn’t it. it would be nice to take it further but […]

When Harry met Ripley

We’re lying in bed and she’s telling me about how she’s just arrived on an old steamboat at the trading post and it’s very hot and she’s wearing totally the wrong outfit. Like it’s a real nightmare, she says, because I’m dressed like one of those Edwardian ladies or something. I ask her if I’m […]

You never know your luck

OK. This is what happens. She says: I’m really going to rationalise my life. [emptying the drawer onto the bed] The man is lying in the bed. She says: I mean, what is the point of keeping this? [holding up the broken Cartier watch] The man says nothing. She says: It’s not as if it […]

Love at first sight

wazzat? i say lyin in bed i dunno she says some one is thowin stuff at the house maybe its a news paper i say (later) i go out side and find a tiny plastic penguin lyin in the front yard so i was wrong all along it wasn’t a news paper after all it […]

Mad Monday

All the crazies are out today after a weekend without medication, or too much. The grey air shivers with every sniff, stumble or sideways word. It’s the start of a new week, you should be doing something useful, not standing sedately in a supermarket aisle trying to find a Regular when all they have is […]