…recently laid to rest

Japanese schoolbook

Kyoto’s textbook history

The International Manga Museum in Kyoto is a must-visit for anybody with an interest in comics and graphic novels – and even if you’re not a fan, it’s still worth spending time there.

Homemade elephant

The Homemade Elephant

In many ways, this is the archetypal, the original elephant. Not because of its age or the length of time that I’ve had it but because of its provenance.

Supertramp ticket

From prog rock to punk

It begins in October 1979 when, over two consecutive nights, I went to a concert by ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett in Bradford and then, the following evening, saw Supertramp playing at Wembley Arena in London.

Eaglehawk Neck dog

The Island of Ghosts

It is a mid-winter evening at Eaglehawk Neck, the sliver of sand and scrub that connects the Tasman Peninsula to the rest of Tasmania. A solitary dog walker haunts the beach. All life appears as silhouettes in the creeping blue gloom.

PA Travers-Smith, view of Beverley, Yorkshire

Painting a picture of the past

These two paintings are by Peter (Pierre) Travers-Smith, my mother’s uncle and the father of Meryl Travers-Smith whose grave I visited in Hobart last year.

The Tickets

Each ticket is an entry to the past.
Admission is free.


The Unknown Boys

A found photograph. A lost group of boys.


The Elephants

I don't collect elephants.
They just seem to gather around me.


Family ties

Family stories, lost and found.


More remains...

The leftovers from elsewhere

Dead Real

The start of a long journey

Dead Things

Documenting death and decay in the neighbourhood

Dead Paper

Everything which would ordinarily go into the waste paper basket after use